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Your No-Show Friend Might Have Social Anxiety

Do you have a friend who cancels on your plans almost every time? It may be frustrating, and it may even hurt your feelings, but it’s helpful to consider that this friend may be...

10 Photos That Show Depression Has No Face

As mental health awareness has increased, countless individuals struggling with depression have taken to social media to share their tales of suffering. Social media certainly has its downsides for the mental health community. But...

Is Anxiety During Pregnancy Harmful to Your Baby?

Having anxiety is already enough to deal with, but the added hormonal chaos during pregnancy can exacerbate your symptoms. Only this time, there’s a second person involved, and now you worry about how your...

Why You Should Stop Telling People “You Are Beautiful”

“You are beautiful”. We see it and hear it so often nowadays that it doesn’t bear much meaning anymore. It’s used so liberally in advertising that we’ve become numb to it.  The relatively recent...

7 Signs You Might Have High Functioning Anxiety

Everyone experiences some degree of anxiety during their lifetime. But that gnawing feeling in your stomach before a major event is very different from the constant distress anxiety sufferers endure every single day.  When...

75-Year Study Reveals What Makes a Happy Life

You’re already aware of the usual phrases like “money can’t buy happiness” and “don’t live to work”. It’s clear that although money and a stable job contribute to a good life, they’re not necessarily...

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Going Through Life ‘Underslept’

It’s no secret that most people go through their days feeling tired. Modern life consists of jam-packed schedules, leaving little time to check off our to-do lists and enjoy time with loved ones, let...

Research Says Your Social Anxiety Disorder May Be Hereditary

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, it’s possible that someone in your family does too. Researchers at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Bonn in Germany recently discovered that a specific serotonin...

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