Being a mom is not an easy task.  Let’s face it, life is hard.  It’s even harder if you are a mom battling anxiety and depression.

In a post for Scary Mommy, writer Meredith Ethington explains how her anxiety impacts her role as a mother. She highlights how anxiety turns to anger, and points out how, on a tough day, she becomes furious at tasks as simple as trying to unwrap a bar of soap.

“It was a bar of soap, but it felt like the weight of the world to get that damn package open. I felt the anger rising within me. And that’s just a tiny example of what my anxiety does to me on a daily basis.”


Responsibility of raising children

The pressure of raising children is never minimal, and every mother knows how stressful it can get. Many anxiety sufferers already feel exhausted with their life before having children, so pushing through the huge task of raising them is understandably difficult. Meredith found her low tolerance truly tested by the constant needs of her children, the pressure sometimes bringing her to tears. On some days, her mood would be so dark that she would snap or yell in frustration at her family. Sometimes over the tiniest things – like a missing shoe. 

Never-ending checklists

Like many anxiety sufferers, Meredith often wakes up in the middle of the night running over the list of all the things she needs to accomplish the next day – make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, buy groceries, clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner, clean the dishes, tuck the kids in to bed, etc… only to find herself repeating this never ending checklist. 

As a busy mother, you long to sit down and relax once in a while, but you’re always distracted by what ‘needs’ to be done. This can keep you constantly feeling on edge, and the build-up of this feeling can only result in sadness, anger and resentment


Perfectly imperfect

But no one ever said that being a mother means you need to be flawless, no parent is “perfect.”

It is perfectly OK to feel sad, anxious, angry, and fearful…it is our natural reaction to situations we encounter in life each and every day.

Just don’t let your emotions control you.

Here’s the good news.  If you are reading this, you’ve already taken the crucial first steps towards taking back control.

You can make your life easier today by seeking the support you deserve

Just as a professional tennis player enlists the support of a coach to help them win more tournaments, or an actor hiring a drama coach to help them improve their performance, a mental health professional can help you identify and achieve the results that are important to you.