You are not alone

Did you know?

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression

40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety

10 million women suffer from eating disorders

40 million Americans suffer from some kind of phobia

The Thought Cycle

Although your life may seem chaotic and your feelings and actions random, the thoughts that underlie them, positive or negative, are natural. Precipeace helps you understand the connection thoughts have to the rest of your life and to transform them into more desirable and healthier outcomes.

Before/After Precipeace

Negative Thought

I'm a failure. I'll be alone for the rest of my life.


I have choices and actions to take




Calm, peace

Physical Sensations

Chest pain, fatigue, exhaustion

Physical Sensations

Relaxed, easy breaths


Excessive crying, social isolation


Call friends to go out to dinner


Missing time with my friends and family


Feel valued and happy

The Thought Effect

Anxiety & Stress

Your day is filled with apprehension. The constant and mounting list of fears leaves you paralyzed, unable to connect and missing out on the life and relationships you want to enjoy. Are you tired of the fears that keep you up at night? Learn More.


Depression is anger turned inward. If left unchecked, those thoughts can develop into extreme sadness, and anger over who you are, leaving you feeling hopeless. Are you tired of holding your burdens alone? Learn More.

Negative Self-Image

You see the worst, instead of the best in yourself, causing crippling worry which may be preventing you from ever feeling comforatble in your own body. It can also cause eating disorders and overwhelming self doubt. Learn how to build unbreakable self-confidence. Learn More.


You feel like your mind is running in 10 different directions with no end in sight. Minimize the impact that having ADD/ADHD can cause by adding structure, and organization to your thoughts to create a healthier and more productive life. Learn More.


The secret to happiness and overall fulfillment in life is love. Start with addressing the relationships that make you feel discontent and unhappy. Learn More.

Work Stress

They way you cope with the thoughts causing your work related stress is key to keeping yourself from feeling overworked and overwhelmed and letting it affect your personal life. Learn More.

The Precipeace Solution

Precipeace is a private, convenient, results driven space that helps you overcome the barriers that keep you from being your best self.

Effective Treatment Methods

Solution Focused Techniques

CBT is a proven problem-focused and action-oriented system that helps you process your negative thoughts into new beliefs allowing you to take remarkably different and more positive actions. Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on many layers which include the personal and relational aspects of life. It is the search for 'the good life'.

Professional Mentor Support

Your professional mentor will listen, guide and support you on your journey to happiness one step at a time. You will never be alone to suffer on your own. There will always be someone with an empathetic ear and a strong hand to lead you out of the dark.

Simple to Use Technology

Help At Your Fingertips

Explore the negative thoughts that are holding you back and communicate with your professional mentor anywhere, anytime you need it, with no scheduling, traveling, or medication required.

Private and Stigma Free

Getting back to doing what you love has never been more safe and convenient on our private and secure platform available on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Healthier, Happier Well-being

A private, safe space for healing available to you anytime, anywhere.

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