You are not alone

Did you know?

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression

260 million people worldwide suffer from anxiety

85% of people suffer from low self esteem

1 in 4 people worldwide are affected by mental health

The Thought Cycle

Although your feelings and actions may seem random, the thoughts that underlie them, positive or negative, are natural. Precipeace is designed to combat the life robbing thoughts causing the cycle of your emotional, physical, and behvaioral pain in order to create a more desirable and healthier outcome.

Before/After Precipeace

Negative Thought

I'm a failure. I'll be alone for the rest of my life.


I have choices and actions to take




Calm, peace

Physical Sensations

Chest pain, fatigue, exhaustion

Physical Sensations

Relaxed, easy breaths


Excessive crying, social isolation


Call friends to go out to dinner


Missing time with my friends and family


Feel valued and happy

The Thought Effect

Anxiety & Stress

Your day is filled with apprehension. The constant and mounting list of fearful thoughts leaves you paralyzed, and you miss out on the activities and relationships you enjoy. Click to learn more.


Depression is anger turned inward. If left unchecked, negative thoughts can develop into extreme sadness, and anger over who you are, leaving you feeling hopeless. Are you tired of holding your burdens alone? Click to learn more.

Low Self-Esteem

You think of the worst, instead of the best in yourself, causing crippling worry which may be preventing you from ever feeling comfortable in your own body. It can also cause eating disorders and overwhelming self doubt. Click to learn more.


The secret to happiness and overall fulfillment in life is love. Negative thoughts about how your loved one is feeling or what they are doing makes you feel discontent and unhappy. Click here to learn more.

The Precipeace Solution

Precipeace is a private, safe, and effective way to transform the joy robbing thoughts you have about any situation into desirable actions leading to the happier outcomes you want. But we are more than just changing the way you think.

Results-Driven Methods

Discovery Process

Based on CBT, a proven problem-focused and action-oriented system that helps you process your negative thoughts into new beliefs allowing you to take remarkably different and more positive actions.

Professional Mentor Support

A professional mentor will listen, guide and support you one Discovery at a time. You will never be alone, as there will always be an empathetic ear and a strong hand to help you reach your desire.

Simple to Use Technology

Anytime Access

Life happens, when a situation arises simply start a Discovery and communicate with your Mentor anytime, anywhere you need it. No scheduling or traveling required.

Private and Intuitive

All your data is safe and conveniently accessible on our private and secure application available on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Healthier, Happier Outcomes

End-to-end private wellness support without stigma, appointment hassles, or side effects.

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